Clubhouse Detectives

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Clubhouse Detectives streaming . Photo : Clubhouse Detectives date 1996-01-01

Late one night, Billy and Kade Ruckman see their neighbor, Michael Chambers, murder a woman, but Chambers has a story all set to convince their mother Vicky, that it was just a rehearsal scene from an opera. The only ones who can help them find the body in Chambers' house before he moves and gets rid of all evidence, are their friends, Jimmy, Eddie, and J.J., who are determined to find the body before Chambers finds them. video streaming pour Clubhouse Detectives.


Adventure, Family, Mystery,

Michael Ballam , Michael Galeota , Jimmy Galeota , Suzanne Barnes , Nancy Peterson , Thomas Hobson , Alex Miranda Cruz , Liliana Cabal , Christopher Ball , Thom Dillon ,

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